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Re the George Angus Sons of Struth also saying on …

Comment on An Honest Game? Convince Us. by wottpi.

Re the George Angus
Sons of Struth also saying on 3rd April rumours of Angus being escorted fro the premises on instructions from Nash.

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An Honest Game? Convince Us.
Exiled Celt says:
April 6, 2014 at 2:44 am

New post from Phil…….any idea who George Angus is anybody?

Those names were floating around last year. – See below

Allyjambo also posted on Paul McConvilles site the same story that was doing the rounds on Gersnet and other Rangers forums,

Whatever Happened to the Rangers EGM To Appoint Easdale and Sack Murray? Now Green Wants One!

CEO Wallace could have saved himself some time if he checked what the Bampots ON BOTH SIDES were saying. 🙂

To be fair maybe he realised what was going on from Day 1 but wanted to give himself time to ensure the required clear out of ‘the enemies within’ were all legal and above board.

I posted before that there are probably a lot of people, even pre Green, who had their snouts in the Ibrox trough.
Maybe we will see a whole load of people walking out the door when the results of the 120 day review are made public.
Could actually be the case that the club is going to be taken by the scruff of the neck and sorted out?

An Honest Game? Convince Us.
RyanGosling says:
April 4, 2014 at 2:36 pm

I fail to see how a Russian team being accused of bribery becomes easy meat for posters here taking a pop at Rangers. But then on consideration I guess it demonstrates the anger and bitterness towards Rangers that many here feel.
That may be so but I’ll happily endulge in some whataboutery and say that while two wrongs don’t make a right the anger and bitterness on here is only a smidgeon compared to that shown by the Billy Boycott mob when people called them out for being a bunch of no good tax and debt dodgers.

Anyway, with no anger or bitterness, what’s your predictions for the Ramsdens?
For me its either going to be a squoosh for T’Rangers or it will be a dour affair coming down to ET and penatly kicks.

An Honest Game? Convince Us.
Anyone else feel like they are watching a kettle boil?
Wallace’s 120 day review better be spectacular or has the plan been to bore us all to death.
However still the best soap in town with many twists and turn to come.
Time for the Rovers Return on Sunday?

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To Comply or not to Comply ?
If I recall correctly when accusations have been made, or actions sought, against Rangers/T’Rangers the mantra from the SMSM and the Blue Room has been that no-one has an appetite for the fight or that only one or two trouble makers are stirring things up, so can the rest of us not just accept the situation and ‘Move On’.

Why therefore is there an apparent desire to continue the hounding of Maclennan when no-one else in the game has any any problems with his appointment?

Like having a go at referees, all decent fans want is a bit on consistency.

Therefore you either shut the feck up when told  or you accept the right for people to dig deep and continue digging, across a number of issues, until we get an answer as to where potential corruption and wrong doing occurs.

To Comply or not to Comply ?
If I recall correctly a previous SPL chairman held that position while also being the CEO of a major bookmakers.

A business that makes some of its monies from the outcome of football matches.

One could easily say there was a ‘potential’ conflict of interest with someone holding power within the footballing authorities and the gambling industry at the same time.

Similarly the same period saw the rise in the involvement of the gambling industry within football as a whole. Was this purely coincidental or a ploy by the gambling industry as a whole  to have key placement in positions of power within football to help open doors?

Indeed, a certain bookmaker sponsored the SFA’s Scottish Cup, so well done to them,  but would they have had equal or lesser opportunity to provide sponsorship and gain from the marketing and publicity aspects had certain people not been in the same office building. 

The above is of course conspiracy nonsense but if folks are arguing ‘conflict of interest’ means ‘conflict of interest’ then I am sure we could all rack our brains to come up with some guff that the Gullibillies and squirrel catchers will swallow. 

To Comply or not to Comply ?
In one corner we have Mike Ashley a successful billionaire business man who will have a team who deals with rights and retails contracts on a daily basis.

My guess is he wins more court cases, including the more important ones, than he losses.

In the other corner we have a magnificently coiffured accountant with varying success in business and a convicted tax dodger who doesn’t seem to do overly well in important court cases against him.

I know who Paddy Power would be offering the longer odds on.

Regardless of how this one pans out it is yet another cock up in terms of the operations of the Blue Room. 

Maybe the club from Ibrox are under more scrutiny but can there be another club in Scotland where the admin and legal operations appear to be a total shambles?

They are either really desperate or completely incompetent.

Given the squirrels  being launched regarding Murdoch MacLennan would anyone really trust the opinions of the Ibrox board in relation to corporate governance or, lord forbid, them proposing an alternative SPFL chairman?

I admire individuality and the right to be different as much as the next person  but can anyone really say that being so out of step with others and reality, in so many areas, is really that healthy? 

To Comply or not to Comply ?
A coloured top is just a coloured top in the same way the ”N’ word is just a jumble of letters from the alphabet.
When used by certain people in certain ways it just puts us all backwards to the centuries of old.
Some people down Ibrox way are still stuck in the past and willing to exploit others of a like mind as it really is all they have left.
No vision, no dignity, no scruples, no future.

To Comply or not to Comply ?
While we continue to argue about the fine details of when tax bills are overdue payables is it not the case that the failure of Scottish football, as a whole for the last 20 years,  is being played out before our eyes.
With Uruguay already through, the ongoing game between Croatia and Denmark will provide another  last 8 team from a country whose population is smaller or equal to ours.

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