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    Ex Ludo,

    yes, more obscene flaunting of an organisation's wealth – for the benefit of the blazers at the very top of their particular tree / trough.

    And this seems to reflect the increasing likelihood that the only sports on the planet which can be regarded as honest are those played at true, amateur level

    …without the malignant influence of money and business to distort the basic principles of participation.


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    Accountability via Transparency.
    Shirley, Gerrard's advisers are frantically searching for a new club down south?

    He's had an OK rookie season – and his stock could be as high as it can ever get with TRFC.


    He is limited to Bosmans and loanees to improve his squad, and deliver silverware.  Even a highly experienced manager might struggle to satisfy Ibrox expectations with such meagre resources.


    CFC is spending £3M+ on a teenager with a lot of potential, (…has he actually signed yet?).

    TRFC simply can't compete with that level of investment.


    If Gerrard doesn't get his team to overachieve next season, he will be unceremoniously booted out of Ibrox.

    I'm guessing his contract would have a break clause after his first season?

    Now might be his best/only opportunity to jump on the managerial merry-go-round down south?

    Accountability via Transparency.
    Ex Ludo 21st June 2019 at 17:38

    StevieBC@10.52 https://twitter.com/heavidor/status/1141934617546633218?s=21 Never mind the millions landing at Firhill, it’s all about the “big data” analytics.


    Ah, but Ex Ludo, I fear that these investors could be onto plums.

    Yes, Big Data and continuously tweaked and refined algorithms, variables and weightings does have a place in sports – as proved in the States.

    But, in this scenario with Patrick Thistle, I would suggest that NO algorithms could account for the vagaries of Scottish football.

    Outright corruption, fixed cup draws, dodgy refs, 4 penalties for one team, inconsistent refereeing decisions, inconsistent disciplinary decisions, etc…

    Too many outliers in Scottish football. 


    And just what would an Americans make of the SFA or SPFL?

    They would be taking the blazers to Court on a very regular basis, and exploiting every dodgy precedent set by RFC/TRFC!

    Accountability via Transparency.
    Headline from The Mail;

    "Partick's new Moneyball owners could have seismic implications for the Glasgow club.

    • it could turn the world upside down for Thistle fans
    • Partick Thistle are in talks about a takeover with a billionaire-led consortium
    • Entrepreneur Chien Lee already owns French side Nice and English side Barnsley
    • The implications for the Glasgow club could well be seismic long term
    • They are not Sheikh Mansour but will bring highly-desired stability to Firhill

    By JOHN MCGARRY FOR THE SCOTTISH DAILY MAIL PUBLISHED: 00:26, 21 June 2019 | UPDATED: 00:26, 21 June 2019 ”



    A billionaire… interested in buying a financially strapped, Scottish club…?


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    Bad Money?
    JC, absolutely!

    The BBC is not at all what it used to be, [or what we thought it was].

    The sooner a subscription model is introduced, the sooner we can all make a choice.


    The impression I get is that outside of the UK, the BBC is still held in high regard – including its news coverage, (generally).

    Perhaps the BBC is held in a higher regard by overseas consumers than by its UK consumers?


    I would certainly agree that the BBC is 'probably' the best of a bad bunch amongst the global, MSM news outlets.

    The perennial news ratings winner in the USA is Fox News, with its opinion driven coverage from typically thick-but-pretty presenters.

    …and I used to get strange looks from American colleagues for readily admitting that I watched RT and Al Jazeera output to get some balance!


    If the BBC can't accurately and honestly report on the Ibrox goings on, then any reasonable person would have to question the accuracy and honesty of BBC coverage of ALL other news items…

    to state the bleedin' obvious.


    Bad Money?
    Well, to be fair,

    "…if it smells like Rangers…"

    is probably an accurate comparison of RFC and TRFC.


    Both are putrid.


    I'll get my face mask…  broken heart


    Bad Money?
    Yes, our SMSM…

    and its malignant influence hanging over Scottish football continues.


    I see that Chris Jack, The ET 'Group Senior Sports Writer' is happily continuing to have 'articles published under his name'.

    Carry on as normal, nothing to see here.


    After the debacle of the wholly made up article – complete with fictitious QUOTES from a living person – you would think that anyone with a shred of honour / integrity would have immediately resigned from the publication, [mibbees to avoid being fired], and learn from the humiliating experience.

    Not so for a 'senior journalist' in Scotland.

    Just carry on as normal.


    The Internet Bampots know from long experience that the SMSM twists the truth, ignores the truth and blindly copies / pastes pitiful PR output as the norm.

    But, I think this Jack shocker is the first time I've seen such a clear and dishonest attempt to fill the column inches.


    Why would anyone buy an ET now?

    Bad Money?
    Ex Ludo,

    mibbees the TRFC academy conveyor belt is a bit like the stadium…


    in desperate need of long overdue maintenance?


    I'll get my hi vis jacket.  indecision


    Bad Money?
    Clickbait headline in the DR;


    "Rangers thumping Marseille while Celtic drew with Rennes has given Ibrox fans reason to believe – Hotline"




    Yes, because meaningless, kickabout friendlies – where the objective is not to get injured – is a reliable indicator for the season ahead.


    May as well avoid inconveniencing any of the other 41 senior clubs – and just handover the Treble to Ibrox now…