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    Worrying / confusing times…

    as Derek Johnstone, (or rather his ghost writer), has produced a reasonable, sensible column in the ET!


    "Derek Johnstone: Rod Petrie has been rewarded for hanging around at Hampden and that isn't good for the SFA going forward.

    At times, it is a shambles [at the SFA].

    Maybe we need people in there that are not involved with clubs, because then they are looking after Scottish football and not each other.

    People will always look out for their own club and then people they are aligned with, but that isn’t in the best interests of the game.

    If you were to have a poll of supporters and asked them about the SFA, you wouldn’t get many that were happy with the way things are being run right now and Petrie wouldn’t get a high approval rating.

    Are Scottish football fans content with the process and the people that are in place right now?

    Or would they like to see change, like to see new people and new ideas?




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    Accountability via Transparency.
    Ex Ludo,

    yes, more obscene flaunting of an organisation's wealth – for the benefit of the blazers at the very top of their particular tree / trough.

    And this seems to reflect the increasing likelihood that the only sports on the planet which can be regarded as honest are those played at true, amateur level

    …without the malignant influence of money and business to distort the basic principles of participation.


    Accountability via Transparency.
    Shirley, Gerrard's advisers are frantically searching for a new club down south?

    He's had an OK rookie season – and his stock could be as high as it can ever get with TRFC.


    He is limited to Bosmans and loanees to improve his squad, and deliver silverware.  Even a highly experienced manager might struggle to satisfy Ibrox expectations with such meagre resources.


    CFC is spending £3M+ on a teenager with a lot of potential, (…has he actually signed yet?).

    TRFC simply can't compete with that level of investment.


    If Gerrard doesn't get his team to overachieve next season, he will be unceremoniously booted out of Ibrox.

    I'm guessing his contract would have a break clause after his first season?

    Now might be his best/only opportunity to jump on the managerial merry-go-round down south?

    Accountability via Transparency.
    Ex Ludo 21st June 2019 at 17:38

    StevieBC@10.52 https://twitter.com/heavidor/status/1141934617546633218?s=21 Never mind the millions landing at Firhill, it’s all about the “big data” analytics.


    Ah, but Ex Ludo, I fear that these investors could be onto plums.

    Yes, Big Data and continuously tweaked and refined algorithms, variables and weightings does have a place in sports – as proved in the States.

    But, in this scenario with Patrick Thistle, I would suggest that NO algorithms could account for the vagaries of Scottish football.

    Outright corruption, fixed cup draws, dodgy refs, 4 penalties for one team, inconsistent refereeing decisions, inconsistent disciplinary decisions, etc…

    Too many outliers in Scottish football. 


    And just what would an Americans make of the SFA or SPFL?

    They would be taking the blazers to Court on a very regular basis, and exploiting every dodgy precedent set by RFC/TRFC!

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    Celtic’s Questions to Answer
    TT, the HMRC CEO with the name James Harra?!

    Obviously a 'Rangers' hater, and this proves the conspiracy / cover up!

    Obviously…  smiley


    eJ, thanks for sharing that.

    It looks like Club 1872 could learn a thing or two from FOH?

    Celtic’s Questions to Answer
    I have to confess to fellow Bampots: I bought a newspaper today. I know, I know.  First time in many a year, and I did feel rather self conscious reaching out to the newspaper stand – as if I was reaching out to the top shelf for a dodgy magazine, [as I could only imagine it would feel of course!]


    But out of curiosity I bought The Times today as it used to be my daily read, pre-RTC, and I wanted to read their latest coverage of their HMRC 'scoop'.  [And I had no intention of subscribing online.]


    Rather than backtracking after the online backlash from more informed Bampots, The Times seems to be doubling down.


    On page 11 it was all about RFC and HMRC.  The whole page -with no adverts at all – so a lot of Times' resources are still being allocated to their story.


    Of the 3 headlines on that one page, the most prominent included a photo of an angry/concerned looking McCoist.

    That article included 14 paragraphs covering 3 sources of input.

    McCoist's input covered 7 paras.

    Mark Dingwall of the 'Follow Follow' fanzine covered 5 paras.

    A named EBT expert's input covered 2 paras.


    The EBT expert opinion aligned with the Internet Bampot's opinion.  This expert coverage was slipped in as token balance between McCoist and Dingwall.

    Dingwall's unchallenged input concluded the article with;

    "…assumptions were made that have turned out not to be true in terms of both legal and accountancy terms…"

    …from an unqualified lawyer/accountant running a rabid fanzine! And again: unchallenged by The Times.


    I knew the SMSM has been dumbing down for years, but it is sad to realise that a once decent paper has simply joined the race to the gutter with the likes of The DR and The ET.

    Celtic’s Questions to Answer
    Still scratching the napper about the timing of this massive HMRC squirrel.


    It's during the international break – so there's 'probably' not a footy related need for distraction just now at Ibrox.

    The Memorial Walls court case yesterday – IMO – wouldn't have bothered anyone at Ibrox, so no distraction needed.


    So, it's to distract from possibly something new / unknown to the Bampots currently?

    It could be related to a desperate need for more funding, or something about King, or about the disputed 2011/12 UEFA licence…or something completely different.  Who knows.


    But, to derive the benefit of this well executed squirrel, the bad news has to be made public soon, you would think?

    Are we going to see yet another RIFC statement released late on a Friday night?


    I'll keep the popcorn handy this evening, just in case.  indecision

    Celtic’s Questions to Answer
    For all the rage and delusion displayed across the SMSM, on social media and – sadly unsurprisingly – for all the anger and abuse unjustly directed at HMRC staff…


    still absolutely nothing on the 'Rangers FC' website.


    Considering they cling to the belief that TRFC is in fact still the exact same club as RFC,

    you would think 'Rangers' would be even more vocal in its condemnation of HMRC?


    It's as if TRFC knows full well it's all BS…

    but the SMSM still have to follow the copy/paste instructions they are given, regardless.

    Celtic’s Questions to Answer
    StevieBC 14th November 2019 at 15:36

    This HMRC story has been cranked up to BS Level '11'.

    Headline from The ET;

    "Rangers vs HMRC: Ex-players and staff 'have EBT penalties wiped over incorrect tax bill…"


    No 'journalist' name is attributed to this nonsense.

    It's based "on a source" who is supposedly an accountant but "uninvolved"…



    Well, well, well…

    Mibbees The ET does have a bit of shame after all?

    I've just checked the above ET article for Comments: it is no longer available on their site, and disappeared into the ether.