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    A little earlier today I heard a guy from the New York Times discussing that paper's 'Daily', which is a daily 20 minute podcast , 5 days a week.  Each podcast focuses on one particular 'newspoint', at home or abroad, in a kind of in-depth look , talking to people involved.


    the New York Times podcast is brilliant and well worth a listen. 

    They have a very successful subscription model which I think grew substantially when Trump started baiting them. 

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    Accountability via Transparency.
    Scotsman have decided to move to a subscription model. Five articles a week or pay £8 a month. Looks to have started 12 June  

    I will give the subscription a miss. But how long have the Scotsman got left? 

    Accountability via Transparency.
    What it takes to run a successful football league club – luck!





    Accountability via Transparency.

    There was an item on the News this morning about the House of Commons Women and Equalities Committee and its investigation into whether ,in the area of sexual harassment in the workplace, the use of 'non-disclosure agreements ' (NDAs) was being abused. 

    That sounds like a good idea that might usefully be further expanded.

    For example,wouldn't it be nice if ,say, one's suspicions about a questionable NDA signed by, say, governance bodies in the area of sport , dodgy businessmen , and Administrators/Liquidators, were to be removed (or confirmed) by open examination of its contents (and how the 'agreement' may have been arrived at) by , say, a Committee of the Scottish Parliament?


    NDAs are a legitimate means of protecting a business. For example sales person is head hunted by another business. They can’t just take their contacts book and company processes with them. 

    That they have been used for other purposes is down to m’learned friends seeing an opportunity and thoroughly battering it. 

    A great example of a business who got caught out by this is the SRU. They have history in using NDAs for allegedly less than stellar motives. When they tired to exit a senior leader using their previously tried and tested method and they got badly burned. 


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    In Whose Interests
    Sorry guys I just don’t get it. 

    The entity that is Rangers football thingy has made significant losses since its founding. 

    the company (which ever one it is) is also subject to significant commercial litigation and penalties. 

    the current directors are in the hole for a lot of money. Money they are unlikely to ever realise. 

    so what is it that any “investor” gets out of this clusterburoch?

    In Whose Interests
    I saw this tweet today @jdmccoby which fit some reason reminded me of Scottish Football 

    TRUMP: they’re saying I did a murder

    GOP: he didn’t do it!

    TRUMP: I did the murder

    GOP: i’m sure it was an accident

    TRUMP: I did it on purpose

    GOP: sometimes murder is ok?

    TRUMP: I’m doing more murders

    GOP: clearly murder is good

    In Whose Interests
    easyJambo 7th October 2019 at 17:18 6 3 Rate This dom16 7th October 2019 at 16: ========================= If I can summarise in a few paragraphs, 


    thanks for the reply EJ

    In Whose Interests

    I for one would be interested in the machinations around Hearts problems. 

    My sense is that every football admin process is different to the others and Murray’s book might shed some new perspective

    Tangled Up In Blue by Stephen O’Donnell (Book Review)

    Big Pink10th September 2019 at 09:21

    Usual hand-wringing crisis talk this morning. Charlie Adam and Kristoffer Boyd saying kids are priced out of football because of expensive access to facilities – which is why nobody plays in the streets anymore.
    Nothing like joined up thinking eh?

    saw someone on twitter posting an ad from Kris Boyd football camp. One week £75. Obvs a different Kris Boyd