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    John Clark 13th June 2019 at 11:45

        I think it would be fair to say the SFA have always had the powers to examine the records regarding Rangers(I.L.), but to date have been stubbornly reluctant to do so John. Thus levering themselves into the unenviable position of "Co-accused", in the alleged fraud…..A conspiracy if you will, from a position of trust. 

        In legal terms a much more serious crime. 

        It should be held in mind that CAS are only adjudicating on the SFA's jurisdiction to re-visit and deal with the matter of compliance. (Where no doubt, a guilty conniving conspirator organisation would be looking for an "escape goat", , to pin the rap on)

        Having CAS investigate the matter in entirety, as opposed to handing "control" of an investigation to any potential co-accuseds may be a better option. 

         The SFA will never convict themselves.  

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    Accountability via Transparency.
    sannoffymesssoitizz 22nd June 2019 at 18:37

        "In addition to having advised sportspersons on media related issues William has experience of advising on sports contracts (including Formula One) and has experience of contractual disputes in boxing (Calzaghe v Warren) and football, having been instructed on behalf of Glasgow Rangers FC in its long-running dispute with Sports Direct over their commercial relationship. https://elyplace.com/barrister/william-mccormick-qc/


          Funnily enough, subtley pointing out that he offers advice, (which may, or not, be taken) and drops in a few successful outcomes, as back-up…….But ultimately, he still has tae dae wit he's telt …….. crying

    Dead clever these lawyers.  

    Accountability via Transparency.
    Cluster One 21st June 2019 at 18:50

             If the bubble bursts down ibrox way, would Mr King’s slice through his New Oasis Asset Limited company be the main creditor ie. would king have the most to gain if the bubble bursts?


        Most will know better than I, but if the loans are converted to shares, they will not be creditors as nothing is owed….(unless some conditions are attached?) 

       If, and when….Celtic win 9 IAR I imagine the following season when Celtic are attempting 10, that would be the optimum time to put it to the fans to dig deep. ,  

    Accountability via Transparency.
    Cluster One 16th June 2019 at 13:45 

    Corrupt official 16th June 2019 at 12:12 

    If the £3m The Big Liar paid the Fat Friar to buy out the retail deal, was not really to buy out the retail deal, then what was it for then?

    . ………………..

    To bring an end to the charles Green, sevco deal and negotiate a new retail deal that king agreed on but has reneged on ever since it was signed. Ashley has always had then by the shirt and curlies. https://mobile.twitter.com/ClusterOne2/status/1140228099864518657?p=v


       Thanks C1

         So £3m to buy out the CG contract…..I assume heavily discounted, due to the "Add-on" proviso that another contract is entered into simultaneously. 

        I suppose we can only guess at the total cost if it were to be entered into, minus the proviso.

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    Celtic’s Questions to Answer
    John Clark 17th November 2019 at 15:53 

    Allyjambo 17th November 2019 at 15:25!.. '

     "the Big Lie simply must be defeated and the truth proclaimed"


        Of all the squirrels regularly released through-out this blatantly plugged lie, this is the largest deflection whopper of them all. 

         Anger amongst their fans as sure as night follows day, would be the emotion that arose when the shock and disbelief abated…..They have a unique way of demanding answers, and to be fair, every right to ask, WTF happened to their club, and who effin' did it. 

        That was all averted by giving the thumbs up to anyone who wanted to set up a kiddy-on club…

    And I mean anyone……..Without that kiddy-on club to hide behind, they were sunk. 

       Wee Craigie, and Charlie Chuckles, and Duff & Phelps, and Mick Ashley, and Imran, and Stockbridge, and Octopus et al weren't even on the scene when their club was done in.

        The fans of Rangers(I.L.), would be asking a whole different set of questions, of a whole different set of suspects. 

        It would appear that having "#Gaunfurra55", to shout at Timmy, is more important to some, than unmasking those really responsible for slaying their club……Because you can't have both !

        Considering that without doubt, every bluenose on the planet, watched their club fold like Tommy Cooper, "Live", on the telly, youtube, newsreels, SMSM, phones, etc……….As deflections go,  it's a cracker !




    Celtic’s Questions to Answer
    When Rangers plunged over a cliff in 2012, one of Scotland's cultural institutions was humiliated. And someone had to pay. Duff & Phelps administrators David Whitehouse and Paul Clark were hastily detained and, as it turned out, wrongly prosecuted by the Lord Advocate – and now want millions as compensation.

         Craig Whyte was placed on trial on charges of fraud, but found not guilty. Now it's HMRC in the dock for the reported 'multi-million pound blunder' which led to the club's implosion. The Times newspaper claims £50million could be wiped from the final tax bill owed by the Ibrox oldco to Her Majesty's Revenue & Customs because Hector claimed too much money in the first place. The final tax bill could turn out to be no higher than £20m. The key word here is could. HMRC has dropped a pointless £24m penalty charge, but released a rare public statement saying they won the Rangers row and 'did not miscalculate anything'. Even so, a grossed-up, amended claim of £48m in respect of the big tax case is still in dispute. If an appeal succeeds next year, the final figure could finish up as low as £20m.

         But the could aspect of this is the nub of this whole oddly-timed business. Rangers fans argue that an accurate big-tax-case bill of £20m eight years ago could have saved their club a hell of a lot of heartache and humiliation. It could have persuaded a reputable buyer to step in and buy the club before Whyte got his grubby hands on the assets for a pound and stopped paying tax and national insurance, thereby driving the oldco towards administration then liquidation. When Whyte bought Rangers, no one knew for sure how much the big-tax-case bill would actually be. Speculation raged over tens of millions, but the actual figure of £94m didn't come out publicly until Duff & Phelps issued a report to creditors in October 2012. All people had to go on before that was guesswork. And because no one of sound mind or reputation would have taken that gamble, the only people prepared to risk it were chancers. During Whyte's trial, Sir David Murray's right-hand man Mike McGill described some of the wide boys interested in buying Rangers. Most you wouldn't trust with a five-year-old's piggy bank.       Two characters connected to an unnamed English football manager bore a letter promising funding of 50m Euros from a Belgian bank which looked the real deal, but later proved to be fraudulent. Also sniffing around was a Lithuanian banking institution with alleged links to organised crime and money laundering. Could someone decent and reputable have emerged from the chaos and led Rangers safely to the other side? Maybe. But that's a bit like saying the Titanic would have made it to New York had she struck a smaller iceberg. It's hypothetical, nobody knows for sure.

           The fact is that HMRC could have arrived at the projected figure of £20m for the big-tax case nine years ago and stuck it on a billboard in Glasgow Central Station for everyone to see. It wouldn't have changed the fact that, when you throw in an £18m bank debt and the £2.8m for the 'wee-tax case', plus a commitment to spend £1.7m improving the stadium, the price of saving Rangers would still have been £40m minimum. And the notion of captains of industry queuing up to buy a struggling Scottish football club at the height of the global banking crisis for that kind of money is optimistic. Ally McCoist spoke for the club's supporters when he insisted HMRC took Rangers down for no good reason.

           No one is defending the UK taxman. Hector is big and unpleasant enough to look out for himself. Yet, right from the start of this sorry, angry saga there has been a curious reluctance to point fingers at the actual architect of the Rangers downfall. Sir David Murray triggered an unsustainable footballing arms race.. And the EBT scam was the mechanism used to fire the bullets. If fans want to land a punch on HMRC or anyone else over the final tax bill, then that's fine. Take a swing. But there should never be a free pass for the man who brought the mess to the front door of Ibrox in the first place. The man who sold the club to Craig Whyte for a pound to salvage his own MIH business empire was Sir David Murray. With no mis-use of EBTs, there's no HMRC. It really is that simple


    Celtic’s Questions to Answer
      BDO are gradually ticking the boxes and must be well down the line towards completing their task. That of Liquidating Rangers(I.L.)!. Some creditors have been given new buttons for a shirt. Negotiations drawing to a close, and court-cases concluding and tailing off.  That, and the dwindling money-pot, will soon have them saying, "Our work here is done.?" 

        Their affairs dealt with, I imagine the final report will be fairly damning and highly public. The very last words that Rangers can ever mutter, in any official capacity, in any form, ever again, will be delivered via BDO.

        I doubt they words will be, "The tax-man did it and ran away".    

    Celtic’s Questions to Answer
    StevieBC 14th November 2019 at 22:06 

    StevieBC 14th November 2019 at 15:36 This HMRC story has been cranked up to BS Level '11'. Headline from The ET; "Rangers vs HMRC: Ex-players and staff 'have EBT penalties wiped over incorrect tax bill…"


    No 'journalist' name is attributed to this nonsense. It's based "on a source" who is supposedly an accountant but "uninvolved"…


    Well, well, well… Mibbees The ET does have a bit of shame after all? I've just checked the above ET article for Comments: it is no longer available on their site, and disappeared into the ether.


         The Sun also had a, "now you see it now you don't", stab at it Stevie……This was a bit more rational.


    Celtic’s Questions to Answer
        Now that is "offishul" it wasn't big Peter that topped Rangers, but actually "Her Maj", will her portrait still have pride of place in the bloo-room?….

        It's no wonder they didn't pay her after what she did. angry. ..

    Maybe Minty will send back his knighthood in protest…..Coupled with an indignant dignified open letter, its the very least he could do.. laugh. He can lead-off the march to Buck Palace with it on a wee cushion….. I'm sure the sodjers will let him in. mail .

        Jeezo they're bonkers.!