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    From the article;

    The Light Blues maintain that the "Five-Way Agreement" signed in 2012 by the SFA, Scottish Premier League, Scottish Football League, the old Rangers and the new club set up by Charles Green means that Scottish football's governing body has no jurisdiction in the matter.


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    Accountability via Transparency.
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    Accountability via Transparency.
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    You misunderstand. Firstly, I am not in any way disappointed about the player not coming to Celtic. As anyone who knows me personally will tell you, I am somewhat relieved if not delighted.
    My point was that Celtic (and any other club in that scenario) were in a no-win situation when the bid became public. These kinds of situations occur all the time. I know of several where teams lost their target in less public circumstances due to agents (quite correctly) creating a market. My other point, on the figures, is a separate one about speculative reporting. The figures you mention are not in the same ballpark as what have been suggested to me. Celtic’s offer was not close to £12k pw as far as I have been informed (not by anyone at Celtic of course).

    Accountability via Transparency.
    In football, like everywhere else in the capitalist world, a sale takes place when a commodity is worth more to the buyer than the seller. A football agent’s job is to stimulate the process.
    The Turnbull situation is no different to tens of similar scenarios played out away from the public gaze.
    Turnbull’s labour is probably worth more to others than to Celtic. Nothing unusual there except that the public acceptance of the bid puts pressure on either side.
    The figures being talked about here are (from my information) way over the top – double in fact – but my own advice to any young guy in David Turnbull’s position would be to leave the influence of the the hushed-up sectarianism report, the 5WA, and the pound-shop corruption behind.
    Go to a place where the game is as fair as it can be – and the very best of luck to him wherever he goes.

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    In Whose Interests
    I assume everyone is numbed a bit by the National team’s “performance” last night. So predictable it’s boring.

    In Whose Interests

    When the offside rule was first introduced, the number of goals was drastically reduced. In perspective though, not by as much as when nets were added.

    In Whose Interests
    I am not in the least surprised. We live in a country of two directly opposing cultures and neither can understand the other. I subscribe to one culture and belief. That which holds in esteem the sense of community and devolved responsibility that values public services and is happy to contribute towards their cost. The other culture can’t comprehend that sense of community because it has little compassion for others.
    The Murrays of this world lack empathy, lack compassion, and truly believe that excessive wealth can only come about because of their own hard work; and that those not so fortunate only have themselves to blame for that.
    This should be the job of good governance, in football and elsewhere, to curb the excesses of greed. It should also be the job of their paid for hacks in the MSM, but instead they celebrate privilege, pour scorn on those who rail against it, allow greed to be normalised.

    In Whose Interests
    People like Murray cheat the taxpayer by instinct and principle. They don’t see anything wrong with not contributing, as they view tax as theft of their personal wealth – which comes about as a consequence of their ability to enrich themselves on the labour of others or a bit of inside knowledge of the markets – or a contract awarded by a pal.
    There is no moral compass either so it is difficult to find a direction in their path and thus predict what they will do next.
    The trouble is that our system of government not only allows this. It actively encourages it.

    In Whose Interests

    Couldn't agree more. I must admit I'm a sucker for man City and Barca – and last year the Ajax journey was exciting – but aside from that I can't really be bothered.

    Even if Celtic are in it, the days coming up to the games are filled with dread wink

    We can't be the only ones either. Sooner or later, on a global or national level, the authorities will have to find out – probably the hard way – that the only thing that ultimately interests folk is competition.

    A few years ago. I used to love watching match of the day from start to finish. Now I cherry pick the highlights, and the >> button is employed regularly. Changes a bit nearer the end of the season when relegation and championship are up for grabs, but it is  sorry state of affairs when relegation is the only thing that isn't certain.

    Problem is, we are probably a decade or so away from that saturation point you talk about.