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    I agree with the "duopoly" reason for our fitba establishment and the SMSM accommodating the TRFC scams up to a point but I'm also trying hard, whilst reading those wonderful succulent lamb pieces reposted on here from pre 2012, but just can't recall similar articles bemoaning the necessity for competition from Celtic (never mind the Dons etc) during the former Rangers' glory EBT years? Like all with a sense of entitlement they'd be fine with a monopoly, just not the current one.


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    Accountability via Transparency.
    Good point well made AJ.

    I despair that my own club don't speak out about the whole TRFC entering the league and continuity scams but I also get where the problem lies.  You only have to read the old SMSM stories of succulent lamb highlighted in the last few days on here to gauge the level of hubris and entitlement Scotland's institutions' favoured football club carries with it.  If we think that they see the errors of their ways now that Rangers have gone down the tube and another club prevails then we are ignoring a fundamental of human behaviour: institutional bias, and indeed bigotry, does not get changed by logical thought, rather the inherent hatred and elitism is stoked up by public failure and ridicule.  Hence all the "good as Messi" pish and £10m bids from China.  The SFA and the rest of Scotland's blazers hate what is happening now. The atmosphere is getting toxic and will get worse next season. It will take a brave man to speak out IMO.  

    (I say this as a Dons fan btw and really don't have much truck with Celtic either!  However they appear to have won what they've won based on bigger crowds and Euro money which is galling to the rest of us but that's the way of the world, fair enough.)

    Accountability via Transparency.
    I'd rather see East Kilbride and Cove Rangers (other teams that have worked their way up the system are available) in the SPFL than some reserve team personally.  At the moment the bigger teams hoover up all the talent anyway, giving them SPFL status for their excess squads is just a way to consolidate no one else getting a look in.


    Accountability via Transparency.
    Angus1983 3rd May 2019 at 12:02

    The message the SFA are giving McInnes is basically the same one you're getting on SFM: "Suck it up and haud yer wheest".

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    A propos the quantum of the cheat I am reminded of the old chestnut.

    Churchill: "Madam, would you sleep with me for five million pounds?" Socialite: "My goodness, Mr. Churchill… Well, I suppose… we would have to discuss terms, of course… "
    Churchill: "Would you sleep with me for five pounds?"
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    Spot on Lugosi.  The spooky thing though is that the Tories have a 10 point minimum lead in the polls.

    So what about fitba? Well I think there is a direct link, the glib Mr King is populism personified, he is part of a trend of unashamed self servers who have noted that what is considered to be decent behaviour can be wiped away by installing hate figures both individual and communities, blaming someone else for "being left behind', transposing normal competition with a "war footing" and promising unicorns but not for traitors. Not to mention flouting regulation and indeed the law.  It works, in the short term at least.



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    I never have any expectation that TRFC's financial woes with SD will lead to TRFC downfall.  There is more chance of SD going bust in the near future than TRFC or as Big Pink puts it "it's only a matter of time before somebody takes a bigger chunk out of him."  Why?  SD is a bog standard stack it high, sell it cheap business and going bust is always an option worthy of consideration in such businesses with such an owner.  TRFC on the other hand have a clientele who may find a "second liquidation" (as I've heard their fans call it!) hard to take and the business is small fry (about the same as good going hotel for example) requiring relatively small injections of dosh to keep it going. They can stumble on whereas SD would choose not to.  GASL is gambling on this perchance?




    Bad Money?
    DBD, this is your lucky day.  Give me a call, I'm just back from Hong Kong and have some genuine, 100%, smells like, looks like etc Rolex, Rayban, Versace and Nike opportunities for you.


    Bad Money?
    Edusport. I’m a co-owner having bought a share in 2018. We get to vote on various aspects including player selection (up to a very fine point!) but not the actual team management. The name change was voted by the members. I didn’t vote, happy to be a silent partner ( in a very small way) just to see how it goes. I like the academy approach, for what it’s worth it’s the only way I see Scotland ever competing at a high level country and club. But that’s another discussion! Edit to add, plan has always been SPFL by 2025.