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    Bill1903 26th May 2019 at 23:20

    We were told that Scottish football needed Rangers 'back in the top flight to make the league competitive. 


    Those who were saying that are interested only in Rangers being top. They couldn't care less about it being competitive. The only problem they have is it's the wrong team who are winning. They would not care if a bank was biased enough, or stupid enough, to extend Rangers a level of credit there is no business case for. If the same bank made a very real attempt to put Celtic out of business altogether, then so much the better. Neither would they care if Rangers were illegally withholding PAYE in order to fund a better product on the park. They didn't care when all those things were happening in the past, therefore they wouldn't care now.


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    Accountability via Transparency.
    Re the VAR debate and goalkeepers coming off their line. Although the new ruling will apply in Scotland next year there will of course be no VAR. That means we can look forward to inconsistency after inconsistency from Scottish Referees, and make no mistake it will influence who wins games and trophies. 

    Accountability via Transparency.
    John Clark 18th June 2019 at 18:23


    One could be forgiven for thinking that a zealousness existed to somehow cleanse Rangers of the stench of liquidation by proving in  a criminal court that the club had simply been victims of a major fraud. How ironic that one of Scotland's best legal minds proved the innocence of the accused while at the same time deeply hurting at the fate which befell the club.

    Meanwhile a Knight of the Realm can operate an illegal tax evasion scheme for years to the benefit of Rangers, and seemingly no-one in the Police, Holyrood, Westminster, or the Scottish Media even cares.  

    Accountability via Transparency.
    Can anyone who knows about such matters explain how a Court can tell Rangers to get on with the agreement with Sports Direct as it stands, but take no action over the period they were in violation of the agreement?

    As an aside there are some on social media saying that Ashley is now about to take out an injunction against Elite Sports.

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    Bad Money?
    A quick glance at today's media tells me Steven Gerrard gets a hugely positive press for a Manager who has won nothing, and whose team continually failed last season in games that really mattered. In contrast you would think everything at Celtic is of a glass half empty nature, and other clubs don't really count at all. 

    I guess the general theme of what I describe has been the way of it for decades. 

    – Rangers matter (although Rangers paying social taxes and other bills doesn't matter if the money is better spent on the team).

    – Celtic matter but much more so if a negative spin can be put on things (meanwhile Celtic are expected to pay all their social taxes and other bills).

    – Other clubs only matter if they can get one over on Celtic, then they will be heroes for a day (other clubs are also expected to pay their social taxes and other bills).

    Meanwhile newspaper sales continue to plummet.

    Bad Money?
    Allyjambo 8th July 2019 at 09:33


    I think it's fair enough to assume no club is interested in paying big money for Morelos. That despite Rangers and their media sycophants claiming he is worth £20m. The basis of this claim is because Celtic received that fee for Dembele, who has gone on to be very successful in the top French League. Where do you start with this primary school playground type of comparison!

    It is pathetic, lazy journalism. I am willing to bet some hacks would privately admit they would rather not get involved, but they have a living to make and Editors who are trying to halt a rapid decline in sales.


    Bad Money?
    Steven Gerrard 'rejects' Newcastle according to the Daily Record. Their source is 'sources down south'. Whatever Rangers don't win they will always win the PR pish award. However it's shooty in for them with the Scottish media. Surely not all Rangers fans are taken in by this daily stream of positivity which is completely devoid of any attempt at serious analysis?

    Bad Money?
    StevieBC 2nd July 2019 at 22:40


    I still think VAR gets more right than wrong, and although it could maybe do with some tweaks I hope it is here to stay. Interestingly it was used at the St Gallen v Celtic friendly in Switzerland last night and Celtic were awarded a penalty through it. The Swiss FA are going to use it in the coming season, and are trialing it in friendlies. 

    What hope is there of us ever seeing it in Scotland? Certainly not in  the near future if you ask me. Look at the inconsistency and injustice witnessed last season in Scotland, and there is still no huge push for it. This season of all seasons they certainly wouldn't want it in my view. 

    On another note we have this new rule about handball in the box. Will we see a record number of penalties given in Scotland next year with no VAR to say otherwise? Also, which team will get more penalties awarded than any other? 

    Bad Money?
    easyJambo 28th June 2019 at 14:45

    It wouldn't surprise me if Rangers has already been "monitored" and that the recent debt for equity conversions are a result of that monitoring.


    Possibly, yes. However I do not believe for one minute that the SFA would highlight anything to UEFA which might hinder TRFC getting a European License.