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    John Clark 24th May 2019 at 18:48

    Just heard it reported that the individual cheat known as Lance Armstrong, is unrepentant and wouldn't change anything. (Radio Scotland news item a wee while ago)


    In the late 1980's and the 90's Rangers were supported by a Scottish owned bank to a level way beyond what any reasonable business case could be made for. In 1994 that same bank did all it could to put Celtic out of business for a fraction of the debt Rangers had. Roll on into the early part of the new millennium and Rangers were cheating the public purse out of tens of millions which went on for a decade. Between the bank money, and the money stolen from the public purse, Rangers enjoyed huge success. It was such a false position, yet they and their fans, and their huge number of media backers have the audacity to laud those days as one of the greatest periods in Rangers history. It was cheating on a scale never seen before in British football, but the right handshake and knowing the age of one’s Granny cleared it all as okay. It is quite incredible when those who appoint themselves as moral guardians of society have to answer to nobody at all, and believe no matter how corrupt they are they they always act with dignity.

    Only in Scotland…the same Scotland we are told by the ruling party is the most equal and welcoming country in the world. Words fail me….

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    Accountability via Transparency.
    Re the VAR debate and goalkeepers coming off their line. Although the new ruling will apply in Scotland next year there will of course be no VAR. That means we can look forward to inconsistency after inconsistency from Scottish Referees, and make no mistake it will influence who wins games and trophies. 

    Accountability via Transparency.
    John Clark 18th June 2019 at 18:23


    One could be forgiven for thinking that a zealousness existed to somehow cleanse Rangers of the stench of liquidation by proving in  a criminal court that the club had simply been victims of a major fraud. How ironic that one of Scotland's best legal minds proved the innocence of the accused while at the same time deeply hurting at the fate which befell the club.

    Meanwhile a Knight of the Realm can operate an illegal tax evasion scheme for years to the benefit of Rangers, and seemingly no-one in the Police, Holyrood, Westminster, or the Scottish Media even cares.  

    Accountability via Transparency.
    Can anyone who knows about such matters explain how a Court can tell Rangers to get on with the agreement with Sports Direct as it stands, but take no action over the period they were in violation of the agreement?

    As an aside there are some on social media saying that Ashley is now about to take out an injunction against Elite Sports.

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    Big Pink 14th November 2019 at 00:54

    Times thing is a non-story. My first reaction was a ‘President Kennedy has been shot’ one. HMRC simply stopped pursuing the penalty portion of the bill several months ago because BDO was dragging its feet and birling their billing meter wildly, thus sucking the creditor pot dry. No way they were getting their money anyway. BDO’s Jarndyce and Jarndyce act raised some eyebrows when that news broke back then.

    As RTC has suggested, the timing of today’s ‘story’ may be significant.


    Unfortunately the desired effect of the story is working. Just in in the same way the same media believed the denial from Ibrox there was a tax case in the first place, and were able to rally the moon-howlers to the cause. 

    The big question for me is though is which version of Rangers is pushing this story along with clear help from a so called quality newspaper which would do well to check full facts before releasing the bloodhounds? My guess is it is not the Rangers which is currently being liquidated by BDO. 

    I have said many times Rangers PR works, but only because in Scotland there is a media so desperate to believe it. 

    Celtic’s Questions to Answer
    The Rangers Tax Case Twitter account is absolutely tearing the Times story apart. It is fully explaining in layman's terms why there is no story at all. Shameful stuff by the Times by the look of it. However it has had the desired effect on the moon howlers…the same ones who said Rangers Tax Case was wrong years ago. 

    Will they ever learn?

    Celtic’s Questions to Answer
    A brief summary of Rangers' new sporting director Ross Wilson's press conference today

    Journalist asks question – Wilson replies "the world is actually flat". Journalist swoons in amazement. 

    Another Journalist asks question – Wilson replies "the moon is actually made of green cheese". Journalist swoons in amazement. 

    Another Journalist asks question – Wilson replies "babies are actually delivered by storks". Journalist swoons in amazement. 

    …and so on and so on.

    Pathetic stuff. Wilson must be pinching himself at how easy a ride he got. In fact, he has had more positive coverage in one day than many successful people in Scottish football get in a lifetime. 

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    Big Pink 12th November 2019 at 20:34

    Excellent piece John. It is striking that the moral high ground has been totally unoccupied over this last 7 years. That so many have eschewed the opportunity to take a principled stand forces us to conclude that, in Fergus McCann's words;

    "There are no honourable men in football"


    Fergus McCann was in my eyes an honourable man. He took on the SFA and beat them, proving bias against Celtic on the way. The media hated him for it, as well as the fact he had rescued Celtic, paid all the debts, and made the club what it is today.  They chose to unfavourably compare him to a man who would go on to set up one of the biggest tax swindles in British sporting history. The fact the tax cheat is still more fondly remembered by the media than McCann is tells us how honourable many of them are. Come to think of it, the media seem to have a real fetish for tax cheats at the helm at Ibrox, given how soft a ride the current convicted tax cheat gets.

    I am sure McCann would have acted on Resolution 12 without one shadow of a doubt, via a court of law if necessary. 


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    Big Pink 12th November 2019 at 01:19

    and running interference on any attempt to shine a light on the darkness of the 5WA (of which they were aware)


    Do you reckon Celtic, and indeed other clubs, were consulted about the 5WA before the SFA finally signed it? Or when you say they were aware was it a case of it was signed and Celtic and none of the other clubs bothered to challenge it?