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    I can't believe Clark has taken the Scotland job. He could have used his success at Kilmarnock as a stepping stone to a bigger club here or back in the EPL.

    I wonder what he will do when he is eventually sacked for not winning the World Cup?

    The Servco supporters and their friends in the media will be against him from the off. The poor chap has no chance unless he can at least qualify for something and then virtually win the trophy.
    Is it Clark or Clarke, over to you JC.

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    Accountability via Transparency.
    Two things struck me last night re the Woman's World Cup.
    The first was that had the men's team lost 3 games out of 3 and one of them was after having a 3 goal lead supporters and the press would be calling for the manager's head.

    The other was the VAR debate. There is far too much interference, as stated by others on here it is supposed to assist the referee not take over from the him/her.

    Other sports, notably Tennis and American Football, have video evidence but limit its use. Something similar needs to be introduced into our football (Soccer) where a team can have a set amount of protests (maybe 3) per half. On the evidence so far VAR is not good for the game and undermining referees instead of helping. 

    Accountability via Transparency.
    If the height of the crossbar was fixed over 100 years ago to suit the average height of a man then surely the average woman of today is of that same height or nearly so. 
    Like the modern male athlete today's ladies will be much fitter and more agile than those of 100 years ago. (n.b. 100 years AGO, not of age).cool

    Accountability via Transparency.
    Remember Martin Bell, he of the white suits on the BBC news? He was on last night and was not best pleased about the change in over 75s licencing charge. His proposal was that the BBC lowered the fees paid to so called stars who in his opinion were grossly overpaid. I don't think many would disagree with him.

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    Re the use of TU and TD, perhaps only those logged in should be allowed to use this facility and then only once in each post to avoid the possibility of  multiple abuse as exampled by Timtim at 11.02am.

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    John Clark @ 19.26 and bordersdon 11th November 2019 at 21:29

    I totally agree that the Celtic board has sold it's soul over Sevco and Res 12. As a Celtic supporter I am shocked at how they seem to let Sevco and the SPFL/SFA walk all over them with hardy a protest. Without making a laundry list of grievances it's suffice to say that there would seem to many Celtic fans on here who won't hear any criticism of their club at all without listening or looking at the facts.

    How else can the last few posts above this have so many TDs.

    Some of you need to go re-read the facts of the last 7 years and then come back and reconsider your TD decisions.

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    I saw the dementia report on STV and was left with the impression that the contributors cared more about gaining further funding for their research programmes than they did for the illness itself.

    Am I too cynical? blush

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    John C
    Sadly the BP residence is leasehold 🙁

    BP; I gathered from your little bio at the top of the forum that you were based in the West of Scotland. Obviously you have now moved to some secret location (just like JJ) angry  in England or Wales. I hope your innocent reply to JC hasn't put your life in danger from marauding Huns.

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    John Clark 11th October 2019 at 16:41
    No shame, no contrition, but self-justification ,self- glorification, .self-vindication and contemptuous dismissal of the opinion of the rest of the sane world.

    Sounds a lot like Boris.