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    *championship not premiership 😩

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    Accountability via Transparency.
    StevieBC 17th May 2019 at 17:46

    There’s a lesson in hindsight to consider. Never has so much refereeing tumult enrapt the Scottish game so much since MMXII A.D. That said, I’m mindful of the stramash which ‘followed’ the 2015 6 – 1 double header aggregate drubbing on 31 May 2015.

    There’s a clear and present solution. Promote all of those officials that ‘regularly’ oversee the competitions in the Premiership and lower leagues to our Premier League. ‘Nothing to see’ down there. Apparently.

    Hope all are well. I’ve been tuning in. Honest. 



    Accountability via Transparency.
    One word that becomes very familiar to Masons is "Inculcate." It is brought to light by its mention in the first, or Entered Apprentice Degree.

    (Apparently, albeit fittingly. I’m no wordsmith nor expert in the craft). 


    Celtic is in there if you juggle it about; mind you, so too is lunatic. 

    Can anyone raise me lunatic? 




    Accountability via Transparency.
    Been a while; but never far.

    There can be no excuse for celebrating a win. None whatsoever. Not only is it unsportsmanlike, it can be perceived as offensive. And rightly so. 

    Historically, regardless of the sport, teams and individuals that win games, break records or achieve personal bests just don’t celebrate. If you’re tempted then look to the Champion League finals, Olympic Golds, The Ashes or even the sobriety that is rugger (rugby to those of us that are secularised and ill informed). It’s offensive. The sooner we collectively realise that protocol dictates that such celebrations (huddles, imitating hertigely inpired bands, armed forces interventions or inspired consumption of hydrating fluids in front of visiting fans)  makes for poor sportsmanship the better. 

    Creativity, however should be celebrated. Try Mimicing playing a musical instrument instead. This  always goes down well and makes for a smashing headline. Be sure to bring a bodhran; no offence will be taken. But don’t bring a flute or an air gun or for that a fishing rod and a bag of beer. You’ll be forever damned otherwise.

    Above all, don’t pretend you’re an aeroplane; that, my friends, is the definition of offensive behaviour. 

    And don’t buy shares in celebration of failure. 

    Apologies in advance. 


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    Tangled Up In Blue by Stephen O’Donnell (Book Review)
    ‘We all have a responsibility to advance the process…..’ 

    I’m sure we all recognise these words.

    In light of UEFA’s proclamation with respect to the revised seating arrangements at the next fixture are a cause célèbre’. In other words I’m searching for ‘good’.

    In many ways, the condemnation has been somewhat diluted; however it has to be recognised that the recent events have prompted an unprecedented response from the club that is widely recognised as a permanent embarrassment and an occasional disgrace. 

    It’s a start. Let’s all hope they get it over the line and Scottish football can flourish both home and away. 




    Bad Money?
    So (apologies to Jacob Rees for my conjunction), can they wear ‘the’ tartan kilts or does Mike have the last rites to the woven wool? Asking for a neighbour. 


    Bad Money?
    Chase the day. That’s the mission. I’ve watched, read and listened. With the exception of SG and Neil Lennon, the MSSM have been pretty damn quiet otherwise. Steve Clarke’s ascension has been totally disregarded in the quietness of the closed season. 


    Hoover once promised free flights to ‘customers’ purchasing more than £100 pounds worth of products. Round tickets to select destinations in Europe and the US. If you spent £100.

    In short, people bought into it; but it became undeliverable. Despite a 7 day week in Cambuslang. 

    The extra sales exceeded the estimated costs. 

    It became known as ‘the Hoover flights fiasco’. 

    As a result, the ‘british royal Family withdrew its royal warrant’ from Hoover. 

    Everyday people lost out. Despite precedent of such, ‘people’ continue to invest.

    But such investiture will ‘Dysoon’. 

    Gawd, I’ve better patter than this!

    (Please subscribe a quid)

    We’re Gonny Need Another Baw.
    Happy New Year Guys, Jean and all the ladies. I mean that sincerely. 

    On a green field, 11 v 11 with a decent display of refereeing (under the circumstances), in my opinion, it was a fairly contested game. The result embarrassed the visitors.

    Can’t really say much more than that; the game was lost when the team sheet was outed.

    Here’s to 2019. Let’s keep the baw pumped up. 


    Dear Mr Bankier
    Folks, enough of this AGM paranoia. Please be mindful of the coverage the Daily L5 Pravda attributed to the Celtic AGM following 2 seasons of relative underachievement. 

    ‘What can we expect at the Celtic AGM?’ they queried.

    ’So what answers are the Celtic fans looking for?’ they blushed.

    ’Rodgers and Lawwell will be quizzed on Champions League Failure’ they prophetised. 

    ’The club failed to reach the group stages this year’ they hailed.

    ’The £2m disco lights at Celtic Park had to be used for Europa League nights instead’ they celebrated.

    ’Celtic had their worst start to a league season in 20 years – caused by lack of signings?’ They stated yet curiously questioned too. 

    ‘Fan favourites Stuart Armstrong and Moussa Dembélé were sold’ they hi-fived.

    ’Club transfer record with the £9m signing of Odsonne Edouard – money well spent?’ they queried.

    ’Filip Benkovic – on loan from Leicester – has settled in nicely but will Lowell open the purse to sign’ such was the encouragement. 

    Jeez, get over yourselves SFM. Enough already. 

    Deus det mihi vires.