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    easyJambo 16th May 2019 at 14:15

    '..John Clark 15th May 2019 at 22:47

    You have an email.'


    Thank you, eJ : I have just replied to you.


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    Accountability via Transparency.
    easyJambo 15th June 2019 at 15:13

    '..I was looking for a finding of breach of contract and the apportionment of an amount of damages, but it doesn't look as if we have got to that point yet. '


    Aye, it's a funny kind of situation, almost as if the matter before the judge was purely academic and not related to any particular dispute; and now that the interpretation of the first 'agreement' has been followed up with an interpretation of the second 'agreement'  it's for the parties to decide where they want to go!


    Accountability via Transparency.
    OttoKaiser 15th June 2019 at 11:17

    '"..it seems that all of the arguments put forward by Rangers failed and that, quelle surprise, they are looking to go to the Court of Appeal "


    Good spot that the judgment is available!

     First, superficial impression is that King either hasn't a clue  how to find good lawyers or is too mean to pay for such!

    Or that , if he has engaged good lawyers, he doesn't listen to them, and insists on pursuing a hopeless case ( while they happily rub their hands with glee!)

    Lionel Persey QC is himself regarded as at the top in his field, and one can almost read the disbelief that anyone could have thought TRFC Ltd had any kind of arguable case.

    But King seems driven by some clinical obsession that he must always, always, always be right, and every judgment against him must always be wrong.

    I suppose much more famous/notorious guys like Nero and Adolf and  Benito and Saddam  thought like that before their miserable lives came to a wretched end.

    Nothing new in the world, is there?




    Accountability via Transparency.
    easyJambo 15th June 2019 at 10:05

    "….the Oldco (in administration) hadn't lodged audited accounts for the financial year to June 2011, by 31 March 2012.."



    So, leaving aside the 'Res 12' issue (which hadn't at that point surfaced publicly) the only really reasonable 'charges' that could fairly be brought against the SFA would be charges of carelessness, incompetence, and negligent lack of concern about the state of RFC's finances over some period of time, leading to a finger-crossing hope that the un-investigated MBMB , might turn things around.

    Serious enough charges, to be sure, that should have led to resignations/sackings from the Board and perhaps some questioning of the independent Directors!

    Even the decision to admit the new club SevcoScotland Ltd into the fourth tier and therefore into admission to the SFA was , I think, within the legitimate powers of the SPFL and the SFA respectively.

    It was the utter insanity of  capitulating ,for the basest of reasons, to the demands of  a loud-mouthed, big-handed chancer of the first water that a  brand new club that had not kicked a ball should be allowed to claim to be the famous Rangers of 1872 that marked the SFA as being as corrupt as it is possible for a Sport's governance body to be. 

    Ordinary, everyday corruption (the backhander, brown-envelope stuff such as the rigging of competition draws, or the suborning of referees or players to ensure the desired result of a match) evil and wicked as it undoubtedly is, is as nothing compared to the attack on the very notion of honest Sport ( i.e where teams actually compete on the pitch over a season for titles and honours ) by the Governance body itself. 

    How can any rational sports fan think that TRFC Ltd is entitled to any of the many legitimate honours and titles won by the defunct Rangers FC?

    It is lunacy, predicated on the need of greedy people to try to bamboozle the business world that the famous 'Rangers' are still in occupation of Ibrox Stadium , rather than a now 6 -and -a -bit -year-old 'simulacrum'!



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    One, er, Two Rules to Rule Them All
    Cluster One 3rd April 2019 at 06:58

    "..New “Res 12”, website.



    Thank you for that important link, Cluster one.

    I have said before that I was not and am not one of the 'Res 12' group, but I am wholeheartedly behind them.

    The authors of this thoroughly researched and excellently drafted and presented account of what the Res12 issue is all about are to be congratulated and applauded. 

    No one reading that account could honestly assert that  there are not major questions to be asked of the behaviour of the now dead RFC , its owners and directors, and of the SFA.

    One can very well understand the anger many people feel at:

    the point blank refusal by the SFA to have the matter fully and independently investigated, and the suspicion that this raises as indicating that they fear what may emerge from an investigation

    the meek acceptance by Celtic plc that  they and their shareholders may have been cheated out of millions, and their readiness to kick a shareholders' AGM-resolution into the long grass rather than insist on a full investigation .

    And one can very well understand why a reference to the COPFS/Police Scotland seeking a police investigation into criminality is being held as a backstop.

    I am quite ready to believe that the apparent success of the dirty work involved in the granting of the UEFA licence to an unentitled club encouraged  black hearts and dishonest minds some years  later to believe, smugly, that they could get away with the utterly disgraceful 5-Way Agreement.

    Scottish Football supporters owe it to themselves to try to save Football in Scotland by getting to the truth. And a thorough reading of   https://www.res12.uk/     will convince them of that fact.

    One, er, Two Rules to Rule Them All
    finnmccool 2nd April 2019 at 16:49

    '…That is the problem that the SFA created when they failed to censure Gerrard over his referee comments and rescinded Morelos's red card..'


    The SFA, by cobbling up the 5-Way Agreement to accommodate cheats lost all moral authority, and has  several times been given the finger with impunity by the chairman of RIFC plc. 

    The SFA supped with the devil, and is now seen for what it has become- in  effect, a bent cop, with no moral authority over the baddies they so eagerly aided and abetted and continue to aid and abet in the deceit of the Big Lie.

    (As for BBC Scotland, I wonder whether Chris McLaughlin's recent promotion was the beginning of an attempt to appease TRFC Ltd by discreetly removing McLaughlin from the list of reporters who would be sent to Ibrox , thus giving in to TRFC ?)


    One, er, Two Rules to Rule Them All
    paddy malarkey 2nd April 2019 at 16:26


    The link has this:

    "Rangers: Ryan Kent offered ban for lashing [ my bold]out at Celtic captain Scott Brown

    Rangers' Ryan Kent faces a two-game ban after being charged for shoving [ my italics]Celtic captain Scott Brown.

    Footage showed the winger, 22, lash out at Brown in the aftermath of James Forrest's late winner for the hosts at Celtic Park on Sunday."

    What kind of garbage reporting we are now getting from BBC Scotland!

    There is no way Kent's swing at Brown could be construed as a 'shove' , and it was some crass idiot of a sub-editor who let such a contradictory report leave the keyboard.

    One, er, Two Rules to Rule Them All
    Ex Ludo 2nd April 2019 at 13:44

    '….Can anyone confirm if clubs do actually store banners? It suggests some sort of collusion and a tacit acceptance of unwelcome messages being displayed on the banners.'


    I have vague memories that Celtic FC some years ago and   for reasons of their own  (relating perhaps to a wish to exercise control of content) might  have offered to store large banners. 

    I don't know whether they actually did, or if so, whether the offer was accepted . 


    One, er, Two Rules to Rule Them All
    And it all , it ALL, comes back to the deep-rooted belief that our Football Governance body is, and has been since the first false statements made to it by RFC about the remuneration paid to their superstars, and the highly questionable ( but not allowed to be investigated) granting of a UEFA licence to an unentitled club, rotten to its very core.

    A belief strengthened by the signing of the absurd 5-Way Agreement which allows a liquidated club to be resurrected while simultaneously languishing in Liquidation. 

    It is the sheer insulting nonsense of the whole approach by the SFA to the most monumental cheating ever perpetrated by a Scottish professional football club that renders that body totally unfit for purpose, and its Board members little better than towsy little self-serving grubbers ready to sell their personal integrity for a mess of pottage.

    Honest to God!