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    John Clark 16th May 2019 at 00:44

    Ach, man! You've just brought back memories of 'The Square Peg'.

    Happy memories of  a colleague who ( I think ) did not tell her civil service bosses[ a requirement in that era] that she worked part-time in the pub of that name in 1969.

    See this SFM! the wonderful paths it can lead a chap into.!


    In my Civil Service experience (as a Provan Bear) such employment would have bestowed shame and infamy. Pubs were most certainly not for working in 🙂 

    Although my guilty secret is that in my (post-Civil Service) student days, I actually worked a few shifts in the Square Peg (seconded from Sloans in times of staff shortages).

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    Accountability via Transparency.
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    Accountability via Transparency.
    Bogs Dollox
    You misunderstand. Firstly, I am not in any way disappointed about the player not coming to Celtic. As anyone who knows me personally will tell you, I am somewhat relieved if not delighted.
    My point was that Celtic (and any other club in that scenario) were in a no-win situation when the bid became public. These kinds of situations occur all the time. I know of several where teams lost their target in less public circumstances due to agents (quite correctly) creating a market. My other point, on the figures, is a separate one about speculative reporting. The figures you mention are not in the same ballpark as what have been suggested to me. Celtic’s offer was not close to £12k pw as far as I have been informed (not by anyone at Celtic of course).

    Accountability via Transparency.
    In football, like everywhere else in the capitalist world, a sale takes place when a commodity is worth more to the buyer than the seller. A football agent’s job is to stimulate the process.
    The Turnbull situation is no different to tens of similar scenarios played out away from the public gaze.
    Turnbull’s labour is probably worth more to others than to Celtic. Nothing unusual there except that the public acceptance of the bid puts pressure on either side.
    The figures being talked about here are (from my information) way over the top – double in fact – but my own advice to any young guy in David Turnbull’s position would be to leave the influence of the the hushed-up sectarianism report, the 5WA, and the pound-shop corruption behind.
    Go to a place where the game is as fair as it can be – and the very best of luck to him wherever he goes.

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    We are away on holiday at the moment. I’ll be back a week on Wed. Will keep an eye on things, but new blog when I return.

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    Very constructive. I like what you added to the debate.

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    Labour MP wants an independent regulator for football. Maybe he’s a member here?


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    The complete absence of self-awareness in that "About Us" caption is amazing.

    Suppose it is true that when you lie you have to remember to keep lying until everyone forgets.

    Really eye-watering

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    I think Bobby Madden had a fairly good game yesterday. Lots for him to do. He missed what I thought was a clear penalty to Rangers and the now-infamous left hook from Kent, but overall I though he was professional and honest.

    Tried manfully to deal with the faux outrage of Rangers players at the end, but missed some top thuggery by Fotheringham and Candelas. In fairness, half a dozen Tiny Whartons wouldn't have been able to sort that out wink