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    Thanks for that JC.
    I am quite certain that he will drag it out as long as possible.
    Is the shop St Enoch's Square still open despite the ruling? Also I believe he opened another in Belfast. How does he get away with all these moves, it's as if he's coated in Teflon.

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    Accountability via Transparency.
    Two things struck me last night re the Woman's World Cup.
    The first was that had the men's team lost 3 games out of 3 and one of them was after having a 3 goal lead supporters and the press would be calling for the manager's head.

    The other was the VAR debate. There is far too much interference, as stated by others on here it is supposed to assist the referee not take over from the him/her.

    Other sports, notably Tennis and American Football, have video evidence but limit its use. Something similar needs to be introduced into our football (Soccer) where a team can have a set amount of protests (maybe 3) per half. On the evidence so far VAR is not good for the game and undermining referees instead of helping. 

    Accountability via Transparency.
    If the height of the crossbar was fixed over 100 years ago to suit the average height of a man then surely the average woman of today is of that same height or nearly so. 
    Like the modern male athlete today's ladies will be much fitter and more agile than those of 100 years ago. (n.b. 100 years AGO, not of age).cool

    Accountability via Transparency.
    Remember Martin Bell, he of the white suits on the BBC news? He was on last night and was not best pleased about the change in over 75s licencing charge. His proposal was that the BBC lowered the fees paid to so called stars who in his opinion were grossly overpaid. I don't think many would disagree with him.

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    Bad Money?
    I wonder if someone who is au fait with Twitter could ask McFadden what he meant. You never know he might reply with a sensible answer. Either way it would give us a clue to his integrity. As a well known blogger states,"For the avoidance of doubt," I don't do twitter.

    Bad Money?
    StevieBC 2nd July 2019 at 22:40

    Just watched the entertaining women's game England v. USA.
    Thoroughly enjoyable.
    But, still not sure about VAR.

    I agree very entertaining. With regard to the penalty incidence, I think that if the ref has to take more than 30 to 45 seconds to reach a decision on VAR then the original call should stand.

    One, er, Two Rules to Rule Them All
    Cluster One 31st March 2019 at 21:14  Do ibrox fans want to see Steven Gerrard in the dug-out next season after promising so much and delivering so little?

    I don't know about Ibrox fans but Celtic ones would like him to stay!cool

    One, er, Two Rules to Rule Them All
    I posted a comment earlier that went into moderation. On reflection I might have used a banned word starting with "H" in jest. My apologies if that was the cause of the moderation. My comment was if fact in praise of the oft maligned  Bobby Madden.

    After the last Celtic v "Rangers" game where the ref was heavily criticised by all football supporters with the obvious exceptions, those with Celtic leanings drew up a list of anti Celtic refs. Some sites can be found with Bobby Madden wearing Orange Lodge regalia. Whether real or photoshopped I don't know but I though Mr Madden had a good game today and did not show any bias. He may have missed the Kent punch but who's perfect and anyway there are 3 other officials. All in all a good performance from the officials in a difficult situation. It must have taken courage to send off Morelos and Halliday so 4 stars for Bobby Madden. I sure I can expect lots of thumbs down.

    One, er, Two Rules to Rule Them All
    I wonder why my last comment is waiting moderation a full hour after posting and another posted 10 minutes after mine is approved. Have I not been a member long enough?

    That would be because of the naughty word which fell foul of the naughty word detector.