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    I have no problem accepting today's defeat by Sevco, but what happened to 'Red Card, Red Card Ross' at the Flanagan incident? Suddenly struck dumb?

    What was more worrying to me was the fact that my team (Champions) has failed to scored before the 40th minute in 7 of the last 9 League games. Too much 'tippy tappy' from the back?

    Hurry back Griff!

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    Does Money Indeed Ruin Football?
    Re the Scottish Cup Semi-Final TV coverage..

    At first glance, it looks like Premier Sports will select the Aberdeen/ TRFC v Celtic tie on subscription basis.

    Am I reading this right ( I know that BBC One will cover the Final)?

    If so, I for one don't fancy paying an annual subscription (£100) as I'm not interested in NHL, Basketball, Squash etc (some of the other stuff covered).


    So – yes. Money is indeed ruining football.

    Does Money Indeed Ruin Football?
    what is happening to my moderation? Comments disappearing

    Does Money Indeed Ruin Football?
    Just a quickie. BR is getting pelters from many quarters, but what about Lawwell?

    I think BR has reached his breaking point with our CE – so fair enough – and there are two sides to every coin as they say.

    Oh – NL will be fine (permanent appointment I hope. The fans love his 'heart of the sleeve' outlook)

    To Comply or not to Comply ?
    As a break from Lawman2 versus, well everybody really, how’s about this for lazy sports coverage?
    Just looked over Sunday Mail/Ladbrokes ‘Scottish Football Fixtures 18/19 pullout, and realised that there is no mention of Scottish League Cup dates!
    Nae treble treble fur ma team then – ah well!

    To Comply or not to Comply ?
    £500,000 legal fees for the GASL. No worries for him – he’ll no’ pay it anyway!