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    HirsutePursuit 9th May 2019 at 23:45 

    "..Probably worth saying that, in 2012, there never was a vacancy in the SFL.

    Sevco was admitted to the SFL (and played its first game against Brechin) when Dundee was still in the SFL and Rangers was still a member of the SPL.

    Far from being a vacancy, there was an extra club in the system"

    No 'probably' about it, HP, absolutely worth saying! 

    The perversity of the men in 'football governance' who created and propagated such  a monstrously deceitful farce and dared to insult us all by such an abuse of office has stamped them indelibly for the rest of their lives (and they know it!) as really bad men, without integrity, honour or courage.

    Worse than any participants in the 'saga' who were indicted on criminal charges and had the charges dropped or were found 'not guilty'




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    Accountability via Transparency.
    Ex Ludo 24th June 2019 at 09:24

    '….I would not be surprised if FIFA get a bit jealous and also build a shiny new symbol of wealth '…


    Your post prompted me to have a look ( not that I'm anything other than almost completely financially ignorant!) at FIFA's Annual report for 2018 at this link


    They could quite easily afford to blow a couple of hundred million quid on a vanity building project!

    ( I suppose, incidentally, that all the senior bods are covered by some form of directors' indemnity insurance?)


    Accountability via Transparency.
    StevieBC 23rd June 2019 at 15:35

    "…..He is limited to Bosmans and loanees to improve his squad, and deliver silverware. ..'


    I wonder does he know and appreciate how financially strapped TRFC Ltd is? Does he know even as much as we on SFM know about the finances, thanks to the efforts of several posters who know about balance sheets?

    Would any one of us apply for a job at Ibrox,  in the knowledge that TRFC  is living from hand to mouth, and faces having to meet some serious damages claims, which might well swallow up such UEFA money that they might receive this coming season?



    Accountability via Transparency.
    Corrupt official 22nd June 2019 at 20:20

    '..Dead clever these lawyers….'


    Are we speaking of William McCormick QC, who appeared for  King and Murray ( and TRFC and Rangers Retail) before Mr Richard Millett QC(sitting as a Deputy Judge of the (English) High Court on 22 March 2017?

    Para 28 of the judgment after that hearing has this:

    "Even by this early point it ought to have been obvious to all Defendants that Mr King and Mr Murray's positions as directors of the Company were hopelessly conflicted. On the other hand, the positions of the SDI-appointed directors to the Company's board were more closely aligned with the interests of the Company. It may very well have been the case that the business of the Company relied upon relationships with other entities in the Sports Direct group which were disadvantageous to the Company. That is a point of which Mr King makes much in his evidence, and much was made by Mr McCormick QC in his submissions on behalf of the Defendants. However, even if that were so, it ought not to have disabled the Company's board from seeking to uphold the IPLA and thereby protect its sole asset and revenue stream. The relevant comparator was between an allegedly disadvantageous IPLA and no IPLA at all, and ergo no business at all for the Company. "

    It doesn't seem too clever to me to be defending two members of the Board of Rangers Retail Ltd who, as also being directors of TRFC Ltd, were  acting (via boycott-support and purported termination of the deal that TRFC Ltd has with Rangers Retail ) not in the interests of Rangers Retail [ as they had a fiduciary duty to do] but in the interests of TRFC Ltd. 

    If it ought to have been obvious to King and Murray that they were 'hopelessly conflicted" how much more obvious ought it to have been to 'one of Her Majesty's Counsel, learned in the law'? broken heart









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    Bad Money?
    Being in light-hearted mood can I ask whether any of you would, like me, raise a quizzical eyebrow [perhaps even a suspicious eyebrow if you are Albanian and a supporter of KS Skënderbeu] at the way this judgment is recorded ( the words I have italicised)?

    "On the basis of the evidence available, the CAS Panel found to its comfortable satisfaction that KS Skënderbeu was responsible for match-fixing activities and concluded that the sanctions imposed in the UEFA CEDB decision were proportionate and justified. Accordingly, it dismissed the appeal and confirmed the Challenged Decision." [Lausanne, 12 July 2019 – The Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) has dismissed the appeal filed by the Albanian football club Klubi Sportiv Skënderbeu ….]

    One wonders how  much 'comfortable satisfaction' our Football Governance people derived from the LNS view on 'sporting advantage', and the level of relief at the star part Bryson played as a Humpty Dumpty definer of the meaning of words like 'ineligible'. (The man deserves at least an OBE for that contribution to 'Sport'!)

    But such comfort is cold comfort indeed, coming at the price of their ( the Football Governance people, not LNS himself) personal and official integrity. 

    The ridiculous 5-Way Agreement which allows a now seven year old club to be accepted ,in terms of sport and sporting achievements ,as the Rangers FC of 1872 was, is, an offence against the very canons of sporting competition, an offence committed knowingly and willingly and for base financial reasons, by folk who had no regard for their personal honour or their position of honour as governors of a sport.

    As the ghost of Banquo  haunted Macbeth's every waking and sleeping moment, so must their perfidy haunt the guilty men on the sixth floor. It's likely that they cannot look each other in the eye; and pretty certain that each cannot look himself in the eye in the early morning mirror.

    And 'Dad/Grandad,  were you involved in the creation of the Big Lie?' might be a question they might have to face.

    poor sods!

    Bad Money?
    Darkbeforedawn 17th July 2019 at 18:17

    '..I’d imagine the amount it’s been discussed, and the cash riding on it, that this have been flagged up to the opposition by now and they have probably seemed guidance. A simple appeal to UEFA would clear it up one way or the other.'


    Yes,Dbd,: I emailed St Joseph's on 11th July just to let them know that there was some speculation on the point. 

    My general approach is that where it is possible to check facts, it's best to do so. And when really experienced clubs such as Legia Warsaw can foul up, wee inexperienced clubs like St Joseph's might not have thought it necessary to check that TRFC had complied with all the rules! 



    Bad Money?
    StevieBC 15th July 2019 at 21:35

    '..May as well avoid inconveniencing any of the other 41 senior clubs – and just handover the Treble to Ibrox now…'


    Well, it would go very well with all the other titles and honours they have the brazen effrontery to claim as their own!

    Why should they compete for anything at all, when they  can claim falsely to  be winners of competitions that took place a hundred and odd years before they existed? 

    Isn't it just an absolute nonsense, really?  Any honest Sports Governance body would slap that such nonsense down, instead of creating it! 

    Bad Money?
    Life is full of more or less remarkable coincidences. 

    looking at the High Court of Chancery rolls list for tomorrow I came across this entry:

    "The Rolls Buildings,

    Hearing Room 2


    Tuesday 16 July 2019

    At 12:00 PM


    BL-2018-002250 DESMOND v Whyte and another "

    Please someone tell me that these are not Dermot Desmond , majority shareholder and Board member of Celtic ,  and Craig Whyte last owner of the original Rangers Football Club of 1872?

    That really would be a coincidence!


    Bad Money?
    "Always being honest, that is the most important thing."- so says that diving, cheating Neymar, who no more would understand the concept of fair play in sport than our unprincipled  SFA.

    But at least he's only a player, not the Governance body of a sport.