A Sanity Clause for Xmas?

A Guest blog by redlichtie for TSFM

From what I can see Mike Ashley is likely to be the only game in town for RIFC/TRFC fans unless they want to see another of their clubs go through administration/liquidation.

That particular scenario potentially allows for a phoenix to arise from the ashes but on past evidence it is probably going to be an underfunded operation with overly grandiose pretensions taking them right back into the vicious circle they seem condemned to repeat ad nauseam.

Ashley has the muscle to strongarm the various spivs to give up or greatly dilute their onerous contracts and I suspect that is what has been happening behind the scenes.

From Ashley’s point of view I believe that what is being sought is a stable, self-financing operation that he can then sell on whilst retaining income streams of importance to SD.

I also suspect that he will come to some arrangement with the SFA to dispose of his interest once he has stabilised the club.

The problem for RIFC/TRFC fans is that Ashley is not going to fund some mythical “return to where they belong”, though that is beginning to appear to be the second division of the SPFL where they are heading to have a regular gig.

Like at Newcastle, Ashley will cut their coat according to their cloth. This will mean, again like at Newcastle, a mid-table team with good runs every so often. If the finances can be fixed then they will have an advantage over most other Scottish clubs but in the main we will be back to actual footballing skills and good management being what is important (pace “honest mistakes”).

With recent results and footballing style clearly those are issues that will require attention and McCoist seems likely to present RIFC/TRFC with an early opportunity to address at least one aspect of that if he continues with his current “I’m a good guy” press campaign. It may take just one unguarded comment or action and he will be out.

But will the Bears go for Ashley’s plan? So far they seem antagonistic and still cling to their belief that the world owes them a top football club regardless of cost.

If the fans don’t get behind the current entity I can see Ashley deciding the game’s not worth it and cashing in his chips. Some ‘Rangers Men’ will probably turn up and create a new entity for The People to believe in and Ashley will continue to draw in income from shirt sales and, most likely, charging fans at the world famous Albion car park which he will then own.

The upcoming AGM is crucial and from what we have seen of Ashley so far he gets what he wants.

The crushing reality about to descend on The People is that there really is no Santa Claus. A Sanity Clause, perhaps but no Santa Claus.



Trisidium is a Dunblane businessman with a keen interest in Scottish Football. He is a Celtic fan, although the demands of modern-day parenting have seen him less at games and more as a taxi service for his kids.

  1. mcfc


    Have you noticed that King has called a “General Meeting”, not an Extraordinary General Meeting – which is indeed extraordinary because he aims to fire the entire board and place his fit and proper self in charge – with only 34% of the votes secured so far – according to the MSM.

    Am I being too pedantic to wonder why the “Extraordinary” has gone missing from the PR output? Or does this not register as extraordinary on the The Govan Extraordinariness Scale.

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  2. blu

    mcfc, from the RIFC Articles of Association:

    12. General Meetings

    12.1 Types of general meeting
    All general meetings of the Company other than annual general meetings shall be called extraordinary general meetings. The board shall convene and the Company shall hold general meetings as annual general meetings in accordance with the requirements of the Companies Acts.

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  3. incredibleadamspark


    I hope Alex Neil and his assistant Frank McAvoy are a success at Norwich. What a great job they did at Hamilton and what a wonderful gesture by the club towards two loyal servants. It also shows a fantastic appreciation of their own fans. Yet another good news story about Scottish football.


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  4. Auldheid

    An open letter to Martin O Neil

    Dear Mr O Neil

    You were a great Celtic manager and gave the Celtic support some wonderful memories.
    Top of the memory list has to be the bitter sweet season of 2002/03 when you took Celtic to Seville but lost out on the SPL title to Rangers by a goal.
    Rangers that season won the treble under Alex McLeish
    I note your view that Rangers have been punished enough but I wonder if it is a view you would still hold if you knew that.
    1. Ronald De Boer was paid for the first half of that season by an illegal ebt. Not an ebt that Rangers are still contesting with HMRC but one for which they accepted liability because they had lied to HMRC about the existence of the side letter to De Boer that was part of the tax arrangement they had with him since August 2000.
    2. You were kept in the dark about the above because details of that side letter and why the ebt in question was illegal were kept from the SPL when they commissioned Lord Nimmo Smith to investigate the use of ebts and side letters at Rangers. How De Boer ‘ s ebt from August 2000 was treated as legal is something that the SPL have failed to answer.

    There are punishments and there are consequences and what is happening to Rangers is a consequence first of their behaviour and second the ongoing consequence of avoiding the football punishment that would have to have happened had the nature of the De Boer ebt not been hidden from those charged with the investigation.

    How much less hurtful would 2002/03 feel now if you knew it was a title you had lost by unfair means?

    I am not suggesting that the 2003 title be stripped or awarded to Celtic but the truth behind it has to be told so that pronouncements such as yours are made based on the facts.

    You and Celtic and our support were cheated. If you can forgive that then so can I, but let’s not pretend what Rangers indulged in from 2000 is anything but the total corruption of Scottish football of which Celtic were but one of the many victims.

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  5. dedeideoprofundis

    ecobhoy says:
    January 20, 2015 at 10:49 am
    As I posted yesterday it might be the time for some of the mystery overseass shareholders who don’t hold onerous contracts to decide it’s time to say goodbye.

    While there is a bloc of existing shareholders that can prevent fresh shares being issued to new investors then control can be retained

    scapaflow says:
    January 20, 2015 at 11:22 ammr Easdale’s share aquisition is a clear,unambigious statement to Mr King, that Mr Easdale is not walking away.
    Could it possibly be that some of easdale’s proxys have intimated that they were getting out, thus forcing a buy up of their shares to prevent the bloc falling below 25%, maybe even got a good price?

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  6. scapaflow


    jimlarkin says:
    January 20, 2015 at 1:58 pm

    Phil’s analyst could well be right, putting rangers to one side, The Ashley Diet Plan, like most designer diets, is very bad for the patient, and very good for the quack doctor

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  7. The Exiled Celt

    Seems the gossip started by Sons of Struth over the gendarmes visiting Charles is just nonsense – apparently he is in London having a knee operation….no doubt he will be sprinting again in the near future……..

    The Clumpany ‏@TheClumpany 17m17 minutes ago
    Charles Green Arrest Fairy Tale | Bill McMurdo’s Weblog https://billmcmurdo.wordpress.com/blog/

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  8. Brenda

    Does mr McDowall have to work his notice in his original job or as caretaker manager? Surely as caretaker manager it was only ever temporary ……… Till the board chose one of the queue of top class guys waiting to step into mr mccoist’s brown brogues 😕

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  9. occam

    Brenda says:
    January 20, 2015 at 3:29 pm

    When the constant gardner was previously the manager, was Mr. McDowall not employed as assistant manager? That being the case, if the manager goes, is not a basic aspect of the assistant manager’s remit to step in and manage?? Or has KM taken 2 steps back to focus on coaching?

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  10. Bawsman


    The Exiled Celt says:
    January 20, 2015 at 3:07 pm
    9 0 i
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    Seems the gossip started by Sons of Struth over the gendarmes visiting Charles is just nonsense – apparently he is in London having a knee operation….no doubt he will be sprinting again in the near future……..

    The Clumpany ‏@TheClumpany 17m17 minutes ago
    Charles Green Arrest Fairy Tale | Bill McMurdo’s Weblog https://billmcmurdo.wordpress.com/blog/


    He is coming on Sky Sports news any minute for an interview with that neutral Jim White 🙄

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  11. normanbatesmumfc


    Paulmac2 says:
    January 20, 2015 at 1:36 pm

    It would appear there is a major PR offensive on the go…
    More MSM revisionism from Andy Newport in today’s Telegraph;

    “Dave King paid authorities in South Africa £44m last year to halt a tax investigation”

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  12. bfbpuzzled

    Is Mr Newport suggesting Mr King paid 44 million to the irregular unit in SA so that he would then pay a 44 million fine to avoid 82 years in jail? I am not a ‘scottish mathematician’ of the Malcolm Murray type but someone might put me square on that to coin a phrase

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  13. Big Pink

    New blog from BRTH …

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