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Funding: February Appeal a Great Success!

Target: £2000 – Raised: £2100

SFM needed your help – and we got it.

At the end of the February fund raising campaign, you raised an outstanding £2100.

Once again the SFM community has responded – and then some – to ensure the future of the site.

We can now look forward to the resumption of the podcasts and to the continued analysis of football matters on our blog .

We are also indebted to everyone who continues to subscribe monthly to SFM. On that note though, our subscriber base has plummeted by another 25% over the last six months; it would be a boost if we would attract some more subscribers.

If you would like to help us in our task, please visit our donations page and make a donation or subscribe – small or large.  You can send money quickly and easily via PayPal, or transfer directly to the SFM bank account.

Thanks once again to everyone who has helped the SFM community financially and morally over the last five years.

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If even a third of our regular users subscribed the minimum amount, we would raise around £50,000 per year.
Each year, we are looking to raise only a small fraction of that – and remember you can cancel a monthly donation at ANY time.


About SFM

SFM is an online community whose members are drawn from fans of all Scottish Football clubs.
Its overriding goal is to see sporting integrity restored to paramountcy in Scottish Football.
To help achieve that SFM will seek to ask the questions that the mainstream media consistently fail to ask of the authorities, who in turn consistently fail to govern the sport in accordance with their own rules.
SFM is funded by donations from its members, and has no links to any football club or other organisation.

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