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Funding Target Reached – Again!

trflGreenTraffic lights are now back to green because our target is now reached – a few days early.

We have now raised just over the £1200 we needed to keep things going for the next six months or so.
Thanks to those who rallied to get us over the line, and of course to all the generous donations we have received in the last four weeks.
A special thanks to the anonymous benefactor who, when we were still around £400 short of the target, offered to underwrite any shortfall. It wasn’t required, but it is good to know the depth of support we have from our community.

Thanks again to everyone!

Our hosting and maintenance bills are now paid, and the response from our community has shown your determination to maintain the struggle for accountability in Scottish football.

That determination is the main reason we are still here – a testimony to the hope within us all that we will get our message across to enough people to make the required changes.

Remember that if even 10% of our regular readers subscribed the minimum amount, we would be raising £12k or so, and able to campaign even more strongly.

A sub costs a few pence a day. We like to think that there are several hundred – and more – people who get at least that much pleasure out of SFM – and we are still a potent force for truth, carrying the message as far as we can.

Single donations are of course welcome, and we are happy and grateful that people continue to make them, but monthly subs give us a foundation to move forward. You can pay by PayPal of course, but there is now the option to sidestep PayPal fees and send donations to us directly via the bank. (If you do so, please put your site username in as a reference)


If even a third of our regular users subscribed the minimum amount, we would raise around £50,000 per year.  Each year, we are looking to raise only a small fraction of that – and remember you can cancel a monthly donation at ANY time.


About SFM

SFM is an online community whose members are drawn from fans of all Scottish Football clubs.
Its overriding goal is to see sporting integrity restored to paramountcy in Scottish Football.
To help achieve that SFM will seek to ask the questions that the mainstream media consistently fail to ask of the authorities, who in turn consistently fail to govern the sport in accordance with their own rules.
SFM is funded by donations from its members, and has no links to any football club or other organisation.

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