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Delighted to report that the traffic lights
 are now at green after another great response from SFM-ers. We are now secure for the next six months . We have again  received some extraordinarily generous donations – one of which just took us over the line.

It really is very good to know the value that some people place on our community. We do understand that times are hard right now for everyone, and that SFM may not be near the top of everybody’s list of priorities, so it particularly satisfying that we have achieved our target.

Our thanks to all of you who have shown and continue to show your appreciation for what the site brings to the discussion. The number of current monthly subscribers is good, however we still don’t have enough subscribers to make an occasional appeal for help redundant. We understand why people are reluctant to make long-term commitments, but any subscription may be cancelled at any time, so the commitment is as long-term as you choose.   A couple of quid per month from all of our active members would see us on easy street, allow us to resume the excellent podcast service and never have to make these appeals.  We hope you see SFM as being worth it. Thanks again for your support – it is greatly appreciated.


 SFM is an online community drawn from fans of  all Scottish Football clubs. Its overriding goal is to see sporting integrity restored to paramountcy in Scottish Football. To help achieve that SFM will ask the questions that the mainstream media consistently fail to ask of the authorities, who in turn consistently fail to govern the sport in accordance with their own rules.