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The traffic lights
 are now at red. Not because we are in danger of going under, but because for the first time we are making an appeal to our community to raise a fairly substantial sum of money to pay not just our hosting costs for the next six months, but to pay for our new premises. The plans we have in the short to medium term are outlined in the “Why We Need to Change” post.


We have already had pledges of support (of up to around £20k  from people involved in the running of the blog) to pay for equipment and salaries, but we need to have a work environment and communications base which will allow us to work effectively and efficiently to develop and grow our enterprise.  The new office and studio will give us a platform to launch all of our content plans over the next year, and take us out of the bedroom/study. We also have volunteers and part-time employees who will collectively man the offices full-time, and having a business base will give us greater credibility and consequently greater access to the people who matter, the people you want to hear from.

We are looking to raise around £5,000 by the end of August to enable us to pay rent, telecoms and energy costs for the next year. We know that the community has responded very well in the past to our appeals. In terms of the sums of money required though, this is, whilst relatively modes for a business start-up, of a different order to previous appeals.

To put it in some kind perspective, if even a half of our regular users donated the current minimum subscription (of £3) we would raise around £10,000 per year. We are looking, initially, to raise half of that.

What we can promise is that every penny you donate will be invested in building and growing the new Independent Sports Monitor

Total to date: £863
Target:          £4137



The ads on the site are an experiment to see how much revenue we can raise from advertising. I am told that it will take a few months before we can see a clear picture emerging on revenue trends.  That revenue is based on clicks-through from the ads, so having appropriate ads served will help, although that may take a while to settle in.

You will also notice that we have an Amazon ad on the site too. I am also aware of some reservations that folk have about the choice of advertisers. Unfortunately at this point in time there appears to be little choice for us, although we hope to develop an ethical policy going forward.  


 SFM is an online community drawn from fans of  all Scottish Football clubs. Its overriding goal is to see sporting integrity restored to paramountcy in Scottish Football. To help achieve that SFM will ask the questions that the mainstream media consistently fail to ask of the authorities, who in turn consistently fail to govern the sport in accordance with their own rules.